This Theater features United Leather Chairs and a Runco RS 1100 Ultra Projector with AutoScope. It also has a Da-Lite Dual masking screen for 2.35:1 Cinemascope Movies and 178:.1 HD TV format and Anamorphic DVDs.

The new Den upgraded featuring a Runco VX22i with Autoscope and a Da-Lite 16x9 / 2.35:1 Dual Masking Screen

All pictures are unreduced, shot mid day with all windows open and lights on

Place cursor over photo to convert it from HDTV to WideScreen mode

This Media room was designed with sports in mind. It features a Runco 65 inch Plasma with 2-Runco 32 inch LCDs.

The speakers are all Paradigm Studio series and are powered by Denon.

It features an Escient Fireball DVD/CD manger system for instant access to all stored media.

There is also a multi channel wireless system that allows the users to don headphones and listen to any of the 4 sources, including music, while watching the game.

Using the AMX Modero touch panel, you simply select the display you want to watch and then the source you wish to see on that display. Just 2 presses and you are on.

The seating is from United Leather in Dallas. It sells for 2000.00 per seat and is very affordable.

This beautiful customer theater was recently completed. It is the first WideScreen Cinema-Scope theater in Houston. It features the Runco RS1100 Ultra projector with the AutoScope anamorphic lens. This allows you to view 2.35:1 widescreen (letterbox) movies with no black bars and full video resolution for the maximum viewing experience. The screen is a Da-Lite dual masking screen, 95 inches wide and 40 inches high.

The sound system rocks as well, featuring the Paradigm SA35 in-wall speakers in a 7.1 surround configuration, plus 2 Paradigm subwoofers. To round it all out we have Lutron lighting and an AMX Modero 8400 touch screen for one button operation.

Click here to listen to what Ramon and Brian of KTRH have to say about it.

Big Screen : Of course we have some really big screens if you want one. Just remember that the bigger the screen, the more light engine you need to fill it. A screen like this one requires a projector with 6000 lumens to fill it. That means more than $100,000 in most cases if you want a film-like image with a good black level.

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