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I have been using AV Expert for the past eight years and they are wonderful! Doc Greene is fabulous and everything he comes over to fix he knows exactly what to do. The prices are reasonable and I highly recommend them! - L Jarosky

The best there is. I have seen a lot of providers but Doc is by far, and I mean by far, the Best! - J Mandel PHD

Doc Greene calibrated my Panasonic  ZT Plasma, with excellent results. He performed a neat and professional job. He came back again because he wasn't satisfied with his results ( even though the TV looked great). This really showed that he is dedicated to all things Home Theater and has a real passion for them. Awesome service, excellent calibration, knowledgeable professional. Doc is also ISF-certified, and can be found on the website. So if you're looking for a professional calibrator in Houston , look no further .  AV Expert is the way to go. - Robin K

Doc is a terrific guy. To use a well-worn cliche'.....he is truly a gentleman and a scholar. Even though he and I are competitors, in a sense, he has always been decent and considerate enough to help those of us who truly needed help at the time. I am fortunate to have known him for many years, and consider him a good friend, even though our paths don’t cross very often, of late. - Johnny K

Doc, We're really enjoying the changes you made to our Home Theater system. My wife can now operate the system using one remote for the first time without frustration and the picture/sound is magnificent!
- S Kennedy

My experience with Doc Greene and his staff at AV Expert for the past four years has been great.  If you want highly competent and knowledgeable people to do your home entertainment systems and to provide great customer service, then AV Expert is for you!  Doc Greene and his techs are wonderful at trouble-shooting and quickly solving any problem relating to sound systems or TVs, and Doc looks after his customers long after the installations are completed.  I highly recommend Doc Greene and AV Expert!
- C Ross 

Dear JoAnne,

Doc installed a receiver and adjusted our television last week, and I need to let you know of my complaint.

Before Doc made the adjustments I thought our television picture was fine. I enjoyed watching a movie every now and then when I wasn't working, or taking care of my family, or maintaining the house, or meeting any of the other demands and obligations we all share.

However, now that Doc installed and calibrated the surround sound so it seems like I am in the middle of the action; and now that he adjusted the television picture so that every nuance of every shade of color is unbelievably defined and looks like real life, I am having a hard time getting off the couch! Since Doc's visit my law practice is neglected, the house is a mess, and my friends have threatened to report me as a missing person. I can't believe the difference Doc made in our system--he is definitely a master in his field.

I also want to let you know we still have the remote control Doc left for us to use while he located the one for our system. Whenever he is ready, please let us know how Doc wants to do the exchange and we will get it back to him... as soon as the movie is over.

Please let Doc know how much Rex and I appreciate all he did for us at such a reasonable price.

Very truly yours, Donna O.

"The project was top notch. Not only did they show up on time, but they finished the project early and accommodate to our schedule. Final project turned out great!" - O. Durham

Your men Ben and Joey are so great. I'm thrilled. No more lose wires in the closet or holes for vermin to enter. The computer is secure, and they even moved my kitchen television down to the counter so we can see it. It had been in a cabinet above the refrigerator and impossible to see. I hope I never have to move again, but if I do, I'll be calling you immediately. Thanks so much. - Sharon

Thanks again for the wonderful job you did with our Paradigm speaker install. -C Kays

Wow Doc,
(Paradigm speakers and Denon AVR)... what a great system... many thanks for everything.
-J. Michael Lunsford, DPM, PC

Thank you for the recommendation of the Denon unit and the installation. We have not had real audio quality until last night ! The sound and color calibration are great, the remote and systems are all set. All I have to do is power on the units and go !!! Ben did us a great job. He had the system up in running in about an hour. Thanks again for the expert assistance. When we get ready for our blue-ray player we will call you for the one Ben suggested. -Max P.


Just a note;
This weekend is the first chance I had to watch BluRays using the Sub25. I had some guests over and this thing is AMAZING!! You could FEEL the base and when a LFE kicked in it was astounding. My friends said "Wow " or other words to that effect !!! So I just "thought" I liked it on CDs, but on BluRays explosions, jets, etc it simply is fabulous! It never seemed stressed or pushed even at the most demanding sounds (I guess that is in part to the 240 line). Thanks again Doc – lot of money but my watching and listening level has reached new highs – ah – I mean lows!! -Steve Y

Doc, Thanks again for the excellent service. I'll be buying from you in the future. -Steve Y

Doc you're a Genius! What an exceptional remote control unit! I was TRYING to make it do something wrong last night and it just plain flies! -Marc McCoy Homework Houston

one word WOW! It was really great to FINALLY get someone who really knew their trade to correct a problem that has been issue for some time. Doc was professional, and knew his trade.

RE: Paradigm studio 100s To paraphrase, She walks in beauty-[ful sound] and [Beautiful sound] follows her, where'er she goes. I am walking in beautiful sound and it follows me all around the house. I am in heaven! I can't tell you how happy I am to have my music back. This will have to be our birthday, Christmas, vacation, and every other holiday gift to each other, but it's worth it. Thank you very much for making it possible! -The Ross Family

"Doc" and his team gave me: 1) an excellent price on the equipment (for which I had comparison shopped), 2) astoundingly quick same-day service, and 3) did an excellent job on the same-day installation. I am delighted to have found them through "Servicemagic" and I will do business with them whenever I need any Audio Video products and/or service."

I have worked with other AV companies before I met Doc Greene with AV Expert and AV Expert is by far the best group around. The quality of their work is unsurpassable and their customer service is the best of any company I have ever worked with. I have and will continue to recommend AV Expert to everyone looking for home theater projects no matter how big or small. -M Bloome

This was our first experience with AV Expert. Our job was relatively simple (Flat screen mounting in our living room). The guys that showed up to do the work were professional (in appearance, in their interactions with us, and in their work). We were very pleased with the results and we will definitely recommend AV Experts to our friends. -Adam R.

Many Thanks for the prompt service. Your man Felix was wonderful and solved our problems without the expense of taking the TV into the shop. -R Johnson

In a world where customer service is a thing of the past it is an honor to recommend AV Expert to anyone who is looking for this service. Not only do they do incredible work but most of all they stand behind their products and service. They just saved my Superbowl party because they called and asked if they could come and check out the system and the cable box was dead! They came back the next day to fix it after I picked up the new box and did not leave until they made sure it was working. I have tons of stories like this about Doc Greene and his company! Every person with this Company that has ever come to my home has been so nice and thoughtful. There is no other company for us and I would recommend them to anyone!!!! Thanks -T Chastain

Great response time and great service. I will certainly use this group again for any of my needs!

Absolutely, and I look forward to using you and your guys for many more projects in the future. I would recommend your services to anyone. I will be in touch! Warmest Regards -K Hansen


"Called immediately on my request to schedule appointment. Showed on the agreed date/time. Listened attentively to my needs and most pleasantly did not give me a hard sell - such as costly additional fancy upgrades. In all it was not a big and costly project, but nevertheless AV Expert did the job to my full satisfaction - way to go !" -G Freydberg

I like the new controller very much -S Kant

I have known Doc Greene for the greater part of 26 years. Doc is a consummate professional, and all around great guy. -G Blouse

Doc Greene is a diligent systems designer and programmer with an acute attention to detail. He is an excellent businessman and is always open to learning new technologies to offer his clients. I have known Doc Greene for 12 years and have recommended his company to numerous customers during this time. - J Hamilton

Doc Greene is an expert in the design and installation of modern audio video systems. For me, he has installed a superb home entertainment system and then at my office, Doc Greene set up four different systems. The work has always exceeded my expectations. Doc has also provided prompt support when needed and keeps me informed of upgrades that can help me. I highly recommend him. -Tom Washburn

If you're looking for Audio Video Design or a entire home network layout to be wired either at build out or as aftermarket then you want Doc and his Team to do it.

Doc Greene installed my DirectTV way back in the day when all of the technology started hitting the streets. Since then Doc has worked on 2 of my homes and wired them up wonderfully. His Team does Great Work, On-Time at a very reasonable price.

I just wish other companies in other businesses I have dealt with would follow Doc's lead on taking greater care of their clients.

Doc Greene stands behind all of his work and will take care of any concerns you may have.

Do yourself a favor and hire Doc Greene and his Team for all of your Audio/Video & IT Design needs, I did and I will again in the future! Thanks -Greg H.

Doc provided me with a great home theatre system. His team was very professional, courteous and had expert knowledge of the products and installation they provided. Doc went out of his way to accommodate my requests and I really appreciated the final product. I recommend Doc and his team to anyone who is interested in home theater and automation systems. -O. Aboudaher.

Hi Doc,
We are VERY pleased with your work and all your recommendations. -N Howard

We are very happy with the work done. Thanks -H. Tucker

Hi Doc, I was impressed with the two techs you sent to the house. They seem to work very well together and are certainly very knowledgeable about the install, Thanks -R Rice

Doc, What a wonderful present to come home to. Better than Christmas, because I got exactly what I wanted. You are a real problem solver; everything was ready to go, which is exactly what a client wants â€" to be able to come home and press a button and relax! -K Campbell

After telephone tech support at 11:00PM on Sunday night, Mrs. Leslie comments on the fast service, " Fabulous! Thanks so much!" -K Leslie

Hi Doc,
I sincerely appreciate how you jumped on things and got me such good service as always. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime you think it will do some good. Thanks again for everything -P. Somerville

Doc Greene, thank you for such great service. You are the best! -E Washburn

Thanks very much for the expert suggestions on the quality equipment that met our budget requirements.
Thanks very much for providing the benefit of highly talented technicians Michael and Levi who worked diligently and carefully to install the system. We are very pleased with the results.
-M. Messner

Doc, we are thoroughly enjoying watching the Olympics on our new plasma TV. The colors are very impressive. Many thanks. -B Ruzinsky

Doc will recommend speakers and amplifiers and you should take his advice… We really didn't know what we were missing until he hooked up our system here. I have been most impressed with his service and attention "after the sale." -J Howeth

Doc has the most terrific, intelligent, mannerly, charming and professional people in his employ, Truly, you all are most appreciated My only wish now is that you all could also do plumbing, electrical work, landscaping, appliance repair and almost anything else... -Trisha H

We’re really enjoying the room. It’s better than I dreamed it would be. -L Davis

The owner of this company recently completed some rather complicated media work for us. We are now finally able to "sit back" and really enjoy our media room, as well as the connected equipment in other rooms!

We had used several different companies before finding "Doc Greene". He and his helper were very thorough in diagnosing the problems and fixing them. -S Martin

"Very good job. Neat and clean. Will recommend to everyone needing this type of work and or home theater products." -Gary Rodgers

"The owner kept in constant contact and sympathized with the urgency of the request and did everything he could to get it done in the time frame needed." -Stephanie L

Doc Greene, Thank you very much, you have a customer for Life. I really appreciate you and your service. -Dr. Abdo

Doc you are a genius, How can I ever thank you. Thank you so so much everything is AOK. -Judy R

We are very pleased with our new system. Thank you all for a very nice job. - Michelle Juden

Debra & I are pleased with the work you & your company did at our place. We've finally entered the 21st century! - Craig W

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your return call to answer my questions regarding the 50 inch Runco and Pioneer flat panel displays. It speaks volumes to you as an individual and a business owner that you would take the time out of your busy schedule to return my call knowing full well I didnâ€â"¢t have any plans on traveling to Houston from Youngstown, Ohio to make a purchase. I could only imagine how you treat customers that actually purchase equipment from your store. With a commitment as such it is no surprise that you have established a successful business over the last 30 plus years!! Thanks again for your input. -George Beck

"Doc was awesome and came to my home to repair the problem the same day as I made the request! He definitely knows his stuff, and I would use his company in the future for either repairs or to upgrade my system. Very pleased!" -Gillian Edwards

We finally had an opportunity to take advantage of the computer repair/sales service that you have recently begun offering. You really hit a "home run" when you brought Michael Grove into your operation. Over the years, we have become accustomed to quality service with AV Designs and were pleased to experience the same customer care and quality service with this new branch of your business.

We had called the Geek Squad about 8 months ago and they were overpriced, difficult to schedule and non-effective. In fact, we were told the problem with our printer that we began experiencing AFTER they worked on our system was not repairable and the only solution was to buy another printer (preferably from Best Buy). Fortunately, we ignored their advice. Michael was able to diagnose the issue within seconds and had the system functioning properly within 30 minutes. Not only that, he was able to improve our wireless capabilities and improved the general operation of our entire network. He took the initiative to do this without being asked.

Thank you for offering this service and you can definitely count on us to be repeat customers for computers as well as audio and video equipment. Sincerely, -Mark and Laura Johnson

AV Expert had tremendous customer service, and are very responsive. I will continue to use their services and recommend them to my family and Friends. -Rick Noriega

You guys did an excellent job and at a fair price. I will certainly use you again when the need arises and recommend you to any who asks. Thanks so much! -Stacey Cameron, ASID

I wish to compliment you for your company's responsiveness (same day service, Wow!), professionalism, and quality. Levi was very cordial, helpful, and skilled. He installed my new Mitsubishi HDTV and connected all the scores of cables and components in a very reasonable amount of time. (It would have taken me forever!) He also programmed the universal remote on the spot so that all I have to do is press one or two buttons and I'm watching movies! I am very pleased with the outcome, and will surely recommend your company to my friends. I expect I will be back to you when I decide to upgrade my audio components. Thank you again for your service and help ... I wish you the best of luck in your business. -Patrick Croll.

Entering into any contract work on your home can be fraught with many frustrations and misgivings as soon as the ink dries; delays in beginning or finishing the project, results that don't meet expectations, budget over-runs and hidden costs.

The professionals of AV Expert brought NONE of this usual baggage to the design and construction of my home sound system and entertainment center. Doc Green, who runs the business, was knowledgeable, had no hidden agendas, was intimately involved in designing and completing the project (not just selling you the promise of a great product never to be seen again) and is a real pleasure to work with. The crew he has built around him are, to the man, professional, courteous and importantly...On Time! If Doc and his crew said they would be at my home at 9AM on Tuesday, They were there at 8:59AM and stood finger at the ready until 9AM. Doc tailored our system to meet our budget while still giving us the best possible sound and picture. Additionally, Doc has assembled a complete package, from designers, to men capable of neatly running wire anywhere in the house (while leaving your walls intact or seamlessly repairing them) as well as carpenters, installers and computer programmers. And Doc has continued to follow-up with us to make sure the system is meeting our expectations and that me, my wife and children are all capable of navigating the system and getting to any movie, song, or speaker set we want. Yes, even my wife and children under 10 can navigate our new system with each of the three zones running different programs. I am extremely pleased with all aspects of AVDâ€â"¢s work (yes I was a doubting Thomas). I will be back when it is time to expand or upgrade and I know Doc will build upon his prior work in a cost effective, professional way. Thank you AVD! -Dr. John Ward

Doc Greene has completed several projects for us always with excellent results and a very positive process. He is always informed about the latest options in technology and has yet to tell me something can't be done! If you need audio/visual assistance, Doc is the man you need!!! -Dana McClaren

I spent a lot of time and money at one of the so called high end home theater stores in the hope of getting the system of my dreams. Unfortunately the system never performed to my expectations. I then called AV Expert and met with Doc Greene. He did a lot of trouble shooting and nailed all the problems. I followed his suggestions and I can now say that I have the system of my dreams. Even my wife is happy with the results. I highly recommend his services. -David Zoch

I have an excellent person who installed my home theatre, and stereo system. His name is Doc Greene. His company is AV Expert and he is a CEDIA certified Designer. I just can give you the most excellent recommendation of him. Believe me I really checked around. -Jerry Janer

Their technicians and subcontractors (cabinet makers and painters) were all very polite, professional, and a pleasure to have in our home. They are expensive, but they sell only first class products, and do only first class work. If you want the finest (repairs or a whole new installation ) I would strongly recommend them. - Keith Stevenson

Great individual to deal with. Doc knows his business and tailored the solution I wanted exceeding all my expectations. I got more than I bargained for. Will use him in the future and I recommend him to all of my associates. Thanks Doc!! -Charles Turco

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